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Application Development

Ascendware Application DevelopmentThe cost of a scalable application is less than you’ve perceived. Whether it’s a traditional n-tier client program or a new cloud enabled web application, Ascendware can facilitate your needs with project management, requirements gathering, specifications development, programming, testing, documentation, and user training.

Over the years, application development has been streamlined and made easier with a greater selection of programming languages and frameworks. Our team has adopted new development methods such as Agile for web applications, while still retaining best practicces from the days of fundamental techniques with tools such as PowerBuilder and traditional IDEs.

With improvements in technology, more APIs and libraries of source codes, the rapid application development landscape has changed. These changes translate into greater time savings and reduction in development costs. Custom applications can be wireframed and demo quickly through faster iterations via modern tools for collaboration. What determines a software project’s success is the experience and familiarity of developers with frameworks available so the right tools and methodologies are carefully selected to meet requirements.

Ascendware takes into consideration target audience, platform, current development trends, and technology changes when designing custom software. We understand the importance of quality assurance as we maintain strict testing protocols. We are experts at managing software development projects while sensibly minimizing costs. You will be surprised at how inexpensive a well-designed application can be.