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Telecommunication Savings

Ascendware Telecommunication SavingsUnsatisfied with your service provider’s reliability or still on costly plans? New voice and data services will lower your bills by as much as 400%. Talk to us about your telecom needs and let us recommend more bandwidth and minutes at reduced costs. We have migrated clients out of traditional PBXs and slow T1s to achieve greater productivity.

Today’s Internet infrastructure is still expanding while providing high availability and maintaining QoS. As such, many companies have taken advantage of the Internet’s ability to connect with traditional telephone systems (PSTN) by switching traditional PBXs over to newer VoIP systems for the following reasons:

VoIP systems are easier to manage and less costly to maintain. We manage both types of systems so we can tell you that traditional PBXs are cumbersome and their parts are more expensive to replace. They are slower to administer so your service bill will be higher. With VoIP systems, you can manage most of the functions via a web interface yourself.

Lower per minute rates. Calls are less expensive and voice quality are just as reliable.

Better Integrations and more features. Most VoIP systems can connect with your groupware, such as Exchange, so you can dial contacts from Outlook or receive voicemail messages via emails. There are additional functionalities you would only expect from an enterprise-class PBX such as advanced call reports, multiple attendants, call routing flexibility, remote and multiple office extensions, fax to email, and many more.

Lastly, if your company is still paying more than $500 per month for a data T1 that provides only 1.5Mbps for the entire office, you may want to consider greater bandwidth options available in your area that provides 20x to 50x the speed for the same or lower price. These solutions are available today and we can design a network that will encompass the savings of these newer services while maintaining quality with fail-over that your business needs. Ascendware can also help take the complexity out of networking by helping your company implement VPNs, firewalls, proxies, and security best practices.

Systems Implementation

Ascendware Systems Implementation

Avoid pitfalls of implementing or migrating to new electronic systems and software suites. Ascendware has extensive experience in systems implementation ranging from ERPs, EDI systems, PM/EMRs, CRMs, Accounting, e-commerce solutions, and more. Let Ascendware walk you through through the software selection process, implementation, and maintenance for your investment.

Ascendware members are senior systems/business analysts with over twenty years of expertise in systems implementation, supply chain management, and business process improvement. System implementations can fail without a diverse group who can collaborate in mission critical projects. Key projects require leaders who can initiate, manage, and complete projects in fast paced environments fulfilling dynamic roles. Project members who can:

Interface with client executives, managers, and users to gather business and technical requirements.
Analyze complex technical & administrative information and map processes.
Perform workflow evaluation and technology assessments.
Translate requirements into functional specifications and prototypes.
Propose solutions and form transition strategies.
Manage quality control & assurance for deployed systems.
Form policies & procedures manuals and conduct user training.
Develop and integrate systems utilizing best practices to streamline and decrease processing time.
Manage procurement and implementation of key systems and facilitate organizational transformation through business process re-engineering.

Contact Ascendware to discuss how we can help your company implement or migrate key systems.


Application Development

Ascendware Application DevelopmentThe cost of a scalable application is less than you’ve perceived. Whether it’s a traditional n-tier client program or a new cloud enabled web application, Ascendware can facilitate your needs with project management, requirements gathering, specifications development, programming, testing, documentation, and user training.

Over the years, application development has been streamlined and made easier with a greater selection of programming languages and frameworks. Our team has adopted new development methods such as Agile for web applications, while still retaining best practicces from the days of fundamental techniques with tools such as PowerBuilder and traditional IDEs.

With improvements in technology, more APIs and libraries of source codes, the rapid application development landscape has changed. These changes translate into greater time savings and reduction in development costs. Custom applications can be wireframed and demo quickly through faster iterations via modern tools for collaboration. What determines a software project’s success is the experience and familiarity of developers with frameworks available so the right tools and methodologies are carefully selected to meet requirements.

Ascendware takes into consideration target audience, platform, current development trends, and technology changes when designing custom software. We understand the importance of quality assurance as we maintain strict testing protocols. We are experts at managing software development projects while sensibly minimizing costs. You will be surprised at how inexpensive a well-designed application can be.