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Systems Implementation

Systems Implementation

Ascendware Systems ImplementationAscendware members have participated in implementing custom and commercial business systems from the design stage (as early as requirements gathering) to development, testing, live training, maintenance, and through the final stage of an application’s retirement.

Many older business information systems are being replaced or migrated onto newer and more efficient solutions. Some implementations, such as SAP modules, may take an average of five years to fully complete, while other systems can take as little as a week. Ascendware can offer tremendous insight from our engagements in numerous projects. We can show your team how to overt failures and, most importantly, ensure implementation is delivered on time and within budget.

Business Process
ERP Modules
Practice Management Systems
Electronic Medical Record Systems/EHRs
Accounting Systems
Enterprise Application Integration
Web Services & Portals

Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing
Data Mining
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

E-Commerce/Supply Chain/Procurement Services
Procurement Services Application
Shopping Cart Implementation
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Implementation

Legacy Interfacing/Integration
Web Interface
Application Migration